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OutdoorMaster  |  SKU : 601379


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The Shark II Sup Electric Air Pump uses state-of-art engineering designed with speed and efficiency to inflate your SUP board within 5-10 min.
electric air pump


Filling up to 3 paddle boards. Especially suitable for groups and families.
electric paddle board pump 3 boards in a row


Electric SUP pump Shark will shut off automatically when the blow-up paddle board is pumped to the pre-set PSI. Save your time and free your hands. 
electric air pump automatic shut off


Electric paddle board pump made deflating and packing your SUP 10 times easier! All you need to do is use the deflation outlet and press start. Your board will be ready to pack in 3 minutes!
electric air pump hans-free deflation


Our patented active cooling system prevents your Shark II from overheating on a hot day at the beach. It also extends the lifespan of your paddle board pump. 
paddle board pump with cooling system


The digital display helps you to monitor the PSI with an accuracy of 0.01 PSI. Our latest, top-of-the-industry processor offers precise control during inflation and stops at the exact PSI you want. 
paddle board pump with digital PSI display


Shark II is an all-in-one electric pump! Your Shark II is compatible with almost any iSUP board, boat, kayak, or air mattress! One pump is enough for all your inflatables. 
electric pump for paddle board, kayak, and inflatable boat


The Shark II is lightweight and compact; it can easily slide into your paddleboard bag or backpack. Say hello to travel light!
sup pump electric easy to carry light weight


Simply plug your Shark II into your car's 12V Sup Pump DC connector and be ready to pump! Choose a nozzle from our complete provided set to inflate almost any high-pressure inflatable, including Red Paddle, iRocker, ISLE, Bluefin, ROC, Nixy, Fanatic, Atoll, Bote, Body Glove, Fanatic, Hero, Advanced Element, Blackfin and other major iSUP Board brands.
paddle board electric pump with 5 types of valves


The Shark II has passed multiple efficiency tests with CA65, CE, and RoHS-compliant certifications and partnerships with SUPIA, Paddle 2 The People, and WEEE, making it the ultimate air pump endorsed by the biggest industry leaders.
inflatable pump eco friendly and test approved

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