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Can the Shark II Pump inflate my kayaks/paddle boards/inflatable boats?

As long as your kayaks/paddleboards/inflatable boats have the suitable valve connectors and work under 20 PSI, the Shark II Pump should be able to inflate them. The Shark Pump comes with Pinch valve, Boston valve, C7 valve, and H3 valve. If you're still not sure, feel free to contact us through

Can the Pump inflate multiple paddle boards without overheating?

During the lab experiment, our Shark Air Pump was capable of inflating 3 paddle boards up to 15 PSI in a row without overheating.

How does the Pump display the air pressure, in PSI or BAR?

The Shark Air Pump can display the air pressure in either PSI or BAR. Press the PSI/BAR button beneath the screen to change the measurement. 

How long does it take for the Pump to inflate my paddle board?

During the lab experiment, it took on average 8-10 minutes for the Pump to inflate a paddle board to 15 PSI.

Can I power the Pump with a standard electric outlet?

Our Shark Air Pump can connect to a car's 12 V DC connector. To power it with other charging outlets, you do need to purchase a DC connector converter with an output above 12A. Currently we do not offer a converter of our own. 

The Shark Air Pump II I received looks like Shark Air Pump I, what's difference between the two?

We've stopped the sale of the first-generation Shark SUP Air Pump. So we guarantee the product you receive is the Shark Air Pump II. The most significant update of the second-generation Air Pump is the Internal Heat Dissipation System. The system enables the Pump to work longer without overheating. In terms of the hardware, there's a new fan inside the second-generation Shark Air Pump. However, this update might be challenging to identify without opening the inside of the Shark Air Pump.

I lost one of the parts in my Pump, can I get a replacement part from you?

We offer a one-year warranty on our Shark Air Pump. Within one year of purchase we will offer the parts to you for free. When the warranty is passed, we can still offer you the parts for a standard price. 

The Pump makes loud noise when it's working, is it normal?

A loud noise could be expected when the Pump is inflating your paddle board. This is because Shark Air Pump carries two powerful motors inside. 

How to power the Pump?

Please plug the Pump to 12V DC (cigarette lighter) connector in your car.

What does the U-L error code mean? And how to resolve it?

The U-L error code represents that the Pump is working under insufficient voltage. To resolve this issue, please try to connect the Pump to another power source or double check the car battery unit.

The Pump cannot inflate to a specific PSI (cannot fully inflate my paddle board), what should I do?

There are a few solutions to this issue. 
1. The Pump cannot inflate an already half-inflated board. If this is the case, use the deflation function of the pump first, and then inflate the board again. 
2. Please check if the paddle board leaks. If the pump cannot detect an increase in the pressure, it will stop inflating.  
3. Please try with a thicker rubber gasket, or add multiple rubber gaskets onto the hose.
4. Please check if the pump is working under insufficient voltage. 
Feel free to email if all the above failed to resolve the issue.



How do I read the frame measurements?

We provide details for every products with picture and description, please check in every product page. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us on

What kind of UV protection does the OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles offer?

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles offer a UV400 UV protection.

Which OutdoorMaster goggles can be used with helmets?

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles can be used for most helmets sold on the market as the strap is elastic and adjustable. There is also a rubber pattern glued onto the inner side of the goggles to offer better fraction and keep the goggle from sliding down. 

How should I clean my goggles?

To avoid damaging the anti-fog layer when cleaning your goggles, clean the lens carefully with a soft cloth.

How do I change the lenses on my goggles?

You can easily change the lenses of our Ski Goggle Pro as it is attracted by magnets. Simply hold the lens and pull, and they can be removed. 

Which OutdoorMaster goggles are compatible with eyeglasses (OTG) ? 

All of OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles are OTG model for the regular size eyeglasses, but the fitting size may different, please check the fitting size before place order. Maximum size for the glasses: Up to 5.5'' Length & 2.0'' Width.