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Derick Huang |

Welcome to the SUP world! You may get stoked already and can’t wait to get on the water for SUP adventures, whether lulled or thrilled or just chill. With SUPs, your day on the water will be something you‘ve never experienced before.

But finding the right paddle boards may not be easy for beginners. You’re set to go out and hit the water, but when you look around, there are just too many options to choose from. Some boards may look appealing to you, but are they really the right ones for you when you’re just new in the game?

Don’t get discouraged, once you learn what makes a good beginner's SUP board, you’ll be hitting the water in no time with a lot of fun.



What Makes A Good Beginners SUP?

Take these important features into account when you’re looking for a paddle boards for beginners. There are different types of SUP boards: all-round, touring, surf, race, river, and downwind, etc. Therefore, before buying, you should consider what kind of board can satisfy your SUPing purpose. If it doesn't work out on the water for you, maybe it's just the wrong board for you.

For beginners who haven’t decided on a specific discipline to go with, all-round SUP boards are the best choice. 


When you are new to SUP, bear in mind that it takes time and practice to be somewhat good enough in this sport. With that said, in the beginning, your board is very likely to take a few scratches, knocks, or even some clash. Thus, make sure your first board is solid and durable enough to help you go through your early practice as you advance. Do shop around with SUP materials in mind. Inflatables apply drop-stitch for the innards and it’s highly robust. However, the outer layering also needs to be tough. Triple-layered PVC is what should be making you excited.


The number one priority when SUPing is the steady feels underneath your feet. You’ll get some wobbles to work out so let’s get as sturdy as possible in the beginning. Boards that are between 10-12ft and the width around 32” are a good start. The all-round boards are the most popular type for beginners.


Let’s be honest, you won’t notice the finer details that high-range boards have when you are a beginner, and emptying your wallet will make you very anxious when the board doesn’t work out for you, even when it’s an expensive one. We will recommend mid-range boards for beginners, something between $500 and $1000.


One crucial reason that SUP becomes so popular is its versatility to have fun with, there are many things you can do with a SUP, paddling, touring, fishing, meditating, and in recent years, SUP Yoga is trending in many countries. You don’t want to be restricted to only one area. Moreover, boards that are made for specific purposes/conditions are what we call Advanced SUPs, which require you to master the basic skills first. An all-round board is definitely the best decision for a SUP beginner, whether to paddle along the river or to catch some small waves or light rapids. 

Chasing Blue All-Round Boards - Best Inflatable Paddle Board For Beginners



If you are new to SUP and don’t know what boards to start with, the Chasing Blue Spirit series is the best paddle boards for beginners. The 10’6” to 11'6'' long and 30” to 34” wide All-Round inflatable paddle boards offer an easy ride and steady traction for all levels. The streamlined shape design fits in all water conditions. With wide shaped body and pointed nose, it brings better stability against waves, making it perfect for all levels.

Chasing Blue SUPs apply the latest drop-stitch materials that make the boards even lighter and more durable than normal SUP boards, which are also highly anti-deformation and wear-resistant. It is an ultimate blend of performance, quality, and weight.

Check out Chasing Blue All-Round boards here.